Caspar David Friedrich


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This week we’ve been talking about function of a building, it’s program (very basic program idea in their -builder’s- mind, the design idea) and we have been discussing about Ornament & Crime: When the ornament becomes crime, what is the crime level of ornaments and use of ornament. So Loos‘ gave us some ideas about these by help of his essay given to us. We learnt about industrial revolution, englightenment, black smokes on the sky after the revolution, it’s effects on social context and then how it effected the buildings & architecture.

  • But middle of all these function and program things were going on, one painting took my attention and i strongly striked at this one. This is a painting by Caspar David Friedrich “Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog”, 18l8. It gives a special pleasure and a mind bloving things, brain storming about my and world’s past; the most attractive and successfull painting i’ve ever seen with a strong statement on it’s claim through it’s expression. Here it is. Please, don’t look: SEE.

A man thinking about what’s going on in revolution age, what’ll be next without any information about future”

Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog-001