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01 Assignment: Abstracting The Photograph

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Objective: Abstraction principles, line weight and line quality, depth of field, differentation of light and textural properties with line.

Here I tried to abstract the photo on a 35×50 paper, with setting the sizes bigger as given on original. And i presented the depth by the quality of vertical lines. The first photo is the given one, and second is my work for the assignment.
Metarials:  White cartridge paper (cm, 35 x 50)


Warm Up

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This is the warm-up work for us, from the 2nd day of the architecture school. While doing this work, we tried to achieve drawing a line through same quality by turning the pencil around itself; achieving different hues & qualities, and getting used to using drawing materials, especially parallel ruler and setsquare.

  • Draw parallel lines.
  • Draw parallel lines again,  but periodically.
  • Draw 1 cm periodical vertical lines to parallel drawn horizontal lines.
  • Make 10 different hues of parallel lines by using your drawing pencils.

Using The Metarial

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First day, first impression, very first step to become as an architect.
Teachers came in, we all talked for 4-5 minutes at all, one of them took 5 newspapers then put all on the middle of the table, and said:
-You have this metarial. Make something with this, but you have a one our before we come back. Be careful about the time, aaaand, good luck!
+But, what.. What will we make?
-It’s up to you.
+But like what?
-like what up to you is. Good luck, again.
After an hour, this is the conclusion. Flower basket, with a stable handle: made by squeezing, twisting, and using a cylindirical associated plug-in unit for basket part. If you weren’t see this; would you think that a newspaper could come up as a flower basket in an hour? That’s all about. Metarial provides you with the best way of usage of itself, but on the other hand shows you it’s limits about “what can it, and can not.”