“INK: ALIVE” a new one from my art portfolio.

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Nothing Else, Random.

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This is just a thing my hands plays with while listening, and during the last lesson it’s detailed by our instructor Derin Hoca. Just random, and nothing, but i wanted to put it on my blog. Here it is.

From Assignment to Abstracted Background

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This was my intersecting assignment’s intersecting point. Then i began to play with it’s colour balances, and then it became  an abstracted composition. Now, it will be my new background for the blog design and also I achieved the hyerarchy especially for emphasizing  the main reading part of my blog.

  • The Original Work

  •  Abstracted Work

Sketches, me always sketches.

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A boring sunday, is a good day: Sketch up!

Here are:  my “Robo-Works.”