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Poster Design for Art & Culture Society

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I just wanted to share with you a poster design of mine which is from an activity we made together with Art and Culture Society of TED University.


First Real Project in CAT SCALE :)

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Hi all, I hope you all are doing very well!
Before to start, this is actually an out of topic post but i wanted to tell about this project because this is also a scaled and planned structure. And as an architect of this cat tree, I would be really happy to share these with you.

The story is started with a need of special space for my friend’s cat named “THE CAT”. Because he, the cat, had no space or platform to jump on and also sleep there -cats always need a closed or enclosed space to sleep or a high platform in a house to feel secured-. So we looked for different types of cat trees and houses but after this research we were shocked about the prices. because for even a small scaled tree or house, you need 1.200 to 2.500 Turkish Liras. We all agreed about the exaggerated pricesand then looked for different solutions.

As you can guess, we all agreed on making our cat tree by ourselves with a low cost, and then begin to design. The needed platforms and levels were 4 different leves as we agreed: 1 to jump and sleep, another to enclose and sleep, another to play and jump and the last to stratch and sleep.

For the metarial library -also im sharing for you to make you know more about the things you need- we needed long lenghted 4 post-tubes, 120 meters of string, 5 m2 of polar fleece and 2 m2 of plush fleece, a resistant material for platforms (wood, hard boxes, isolation foam etc.) and hard silicon gun to fix.

By the way, now we earn our money from these houses by selling them around 400-700 Turkish Liras, which makes this project my very first job. 🙂

Here is the gallery of finished version, thank you all, have fun..

A New & A Unique

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Hi all again! 🙂

I have discovered a new hand-made objects field and Itried some initial works of that thing, it’s just on paper crafting and to be honest it is a really nice one which ables you to have nice, unique paper frames and gifts. here is mine. 😉

Keep Calm, and Slowly Leave the Pencil on Your Drawing..

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Our Pug Mila tries not to sleep while i’m singing country for her, sunday fun :)

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It’s coming for you all guys, click on photo to be redirected to the video, have fun 🙂





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Here the gallery of shots we had at first long night at TEDU Architecture Studios. Enjoy 🙂