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“Blackbox” _ A visit to famous architect’s house

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An Amazing Place, A Precious and Unexpected Discovery

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SSSSssshhh.. 😉

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Concert Tİme

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Well, it has been a bit late to mention about CSO concert we went in last week, but totally it won’t be enough to mention with 2000 words 🙂

I know that everyone reading this text thinks that what is CSO and what kinda music they make. Well, CSO (Cumhurbaşkanlığı Senfoni Orkestrası / Presidental Symphony Orchestra) is the best symhony orchestra of turkey, which is found by supports of government. And here is the link for you, for “curious you”. 🙂

Exhibition for Degreed Graduation Projects in METU

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Here i want to share the exhibition for degreed graduation projects. Actually not the projects but breef summary-gallery of exhibition, the opening, and models made by 5th and 7th class degreed students’. By the way i don’t want to make you lose the point that models are very simple but they all are analyzing really complex buildings (as Middle East Technical University Library Building which is built as attached complexes and hard to read). And the most successfull point that i found is as said before  “less is more”, especially when it makes such a complex building legible more more and more than it is actually. Which directs and encourages us to use more legible and easy grasping communication techniques.
Also this exhibition has another side as including remembering the architects of METU buildings. Behruz and Altuğ Çinici’s anniversary of those great jobs. I won’t mention about them  so much, because in gallery they already have explanations. Enjoy, again. 🙂


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Well, starting from this year Ted University Architecture (TEDUARCH) will have meetings, coctails and such. Now here is the very first coctail meeting of our department as a small gallery. Have fun, because we had much 🙂