ARCH 302

Architectural Program: Activities and Interaction Map

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As the last updated version o the analysis map, Now the activities and their relations are studied and here is the programmatic study of the integration map, according to the public/private filtrations on the ARCH302/Site.



From Conceptual Mesh to Organisational Analysis

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As the next step, i have been working on the conceptual analysis of the mesh study. The i achieved this map, which represents and studies the transparency patterns.


From Mesh to Architectural Program

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After i have been working on the gridal mesh study, i dercted my focus on the project on achieving an abstraction which could give me initial spatial organisations for the remaining whole. In order to achieve this, i took an orthographic top view picture of the mesh study and work on the photoshop to achieve organisational patterns. Here i share the studies on photoshop, and in the following posts i will be giving the final image of the programmatic mapping.

Wet Grid Study

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After the Scale analysis and concept model analysis, i decided to achieve a grid which could direct me to different qualities of “filtration” patterns. In order to achieve a complex map, i “dissolved” the parts which are mostly hae less filtration and open to more interactions between the activities, then applied the contrasting approach for the remaining parts.

mesh 1

Scales: PResentation Poster

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As promissed, the presentation poster is here. 🙂
Youre welcome!
Secil Telyakar_SCALES1

Scales: Jury Submission Presentation Sheets ( cinematic pictogram studies)

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The last studies as the submission files, from scales study. Also the presentation poster will be given in following posts. Keep in touch!



Scales_Collage Studies

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Here are the critics studies of the “scales” assignments. The assignment basicly aims to discover different scales of the spaces and experiences, to be reflected into the general code of the urban livingroom program.