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Designing an Accordion Sketchbook

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Today I had my 4th semester’s first course, as a beginning of human scaled and applicable projects. For the first course “because of us architects need the process always in our hands” todays course was expecting a submission for a sketchbook, which will be including all the process to make the whole easier to handle.
The actual name of the expected sketchbook is Accordion Sketchbook, which takes it name because of it’s general design also which is the reason for the instructors to choose this style of documenting: continuity & easiness of process management.
The criterias that I considered were;
2_durability (being resistant against foldings, ink etc: a material based resistancy)
3_having a systematic which would make the book extendible in length and height and having a unit of folded paper for using in extensions properly, which repeats itself in again height and length.
4_having a common size which would fit to global paper sizes.
The gallery of my design is given below for you, a simple and useful way to design an ADS. The pages are A5 sized (the pen would give you the scale i hope) with folded Canson cartridge because i feel more comfortable while sketching by ink, but it is up to you to have another type of papers or adding more. By using two or three pages next to each other together, you will also have A4, A3 and bigger sized working spaces too. Also not to forget folding the coloured coverage cartridge if you want more resistant hard cover, because as we all know, it musn’t be there only for the colour, it has to be first for protecting it from deformations.