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Gallery of the Final Modal

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The Gallery for both structures and wholistic approach, together with the tophography included stands for presentation.


Presentation Sheet for “CORRIDOR – Time Structured”

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Because I’ve prefered using a 3D presentation with section studies and other 3D studies integrated, I did not have a print out presentation sheet. Also because of loving sketching, I wanted to share with you the sketchy explanations of my final sheet. Because you all are able to read the process, purposes and final project at earlier posts on the blog. That’s why I wanted to share a sketch based version of it. Also by this way, the placement may inspire you for similar purposes of presenting.

Additionally, I’m also adding a human figure for you to have a sense of actual size which is 70cm x 200cm.

*Sketch will be added pm, too. don’t worry 🙂

FINAL JURY (with a little critics for me & us : future architects)

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Hi there, I’m here again, to share the comments made for the final project, and the gallery of the final model. First, I want to tell a summarized jury memories of the last one.

Before all, this term’s juries have been a bit critical for me. Because for the first time my days were full like that, and also again for the first time I felt this much pressure for all those things going on. Due date thing has been a terrible issue for me, because of having this much faults at time managing.

To be honest, (critic for be BY ME is coming!) I’ ve never this much failed at time managing. For the whole first two months of the school, I tried to handle this problem but couldn’t manage untill the end; Maybe I couldn’t even in the end. Because I couldn’t prepare some of the presentation materials as I want and at the exact time I want, so this caused a fail of my body. And believe me, you would never want to experience such a thing in front of years long expert architects.

So for the next semester Seçil: “NEVER TRY TO DO A 1 WEEK LONG WORK IN 3 DAYS!”
Ah by the way guys, this critic is not only for me. This is for all of the architects keeping up with this blog.

Okay, this much woman talk is enough. Now let’s have more about the final model and project of mine. It’s on upcoming posts, but before reading the next post about final comments, please read this previous post about the “corridor” approach of mine because I am sure that if you know more about the general approach, the text about critics would also mean more.
with the best.

Very First Drawings in Human Scale (with many wrongs) :)

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I haven’t got the second structure’s drawings now, but I want to share the first one’s (which is connecting the village to the site) very first drawings, here they are.

first drawing - st 1 dr 2

first drawing - st 1

My Approach of “Time Structured Corridor”

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As I told before, the project was expecting a 3D construct which includes it’s own systematic of time and human-scaled experiences. But for the ones who has not got much about this project, please read the text in the link.

My idea for this design actually has a really basic start point which was hidden in the site, which is (a small quotation from “Tatarian Desert”) “A Huge Space of Nothing”. This place is directly the given site for us in Gordion. It has a strong characteristic of being smooth and plane surface, with most dominant yelow and blue colours of site.

The idea is beginning from this “huge space of nothing” as using it a part of the corridor idea without harming that emptiness. So the diagrammatic approach is having a paranthesis which enriches the spatial qualities of the site by including graphical analyses inside of the structures too by enriching the current expreience, and also leaving the emptiness as it is; together with using that emptiness for making people experience the actual dissolution of time and the unique definition of space there.
Here is the diagrammatic drawing for you to make these texts more meaningful.

diagram for general approach

For the next step of the main design, I needed an actual explanation for the actual attentin map of a person who is experiencing the path that I wanted for the projet. For this issue, I documented another graph for the “Tempo of Attention”.

initial graph for the change in tempo of attention

After having these clarifications for the general approach, I started to design the general forms of two connecting structures, and also designing the spaces inside. This step led to a need of general design technique for the structures, which processes and concluded as given in the diagram & drawings below.

structures design technique sketch

first structure design scan

These are all for now, after prejury.
keep reading.

2nd Project, Very First Architectural Design in Human Scale: “CORRIDOR: TIME STRUCTURED”

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Hi All!

This time I will a bit bore you maybe, because I want to tell you about our second and also final Project of the term which is named as “CORRIDOR: TIME STRUCTURED”.

Actually this is a Project which takes it’s base as not m2’s, but rulers as time. Because the wanted design is based on experience and programme which makes visiters/people to experience the time in different scales. as a summation, it wants us to distort the time according some purposes defined by us.

The Project is given to be planned on a site which is GORDION, near Ankara. Gordion is generally known with the Citadel*, and Midas Tumulus*. As you can guess, it has archeological and historical values hidden in many part of it.

*Citadel: ancient settlements of people as different sized castles etc.

*Tumulus: ancient hill graves that are named as also “mound” or “burial hill”

What is the Project and What is the main Expectation?

The Project aims a sequential design of  spatial & visual experiences, which are controlled by the distortion of time, change in spatial qualities, together with the contextual engagement which builts a metaphorical corridor at the end.

The term of corridor, is actually open to change or distort itself according to design you make for the project. Because when we use the architectural term “corridor”  we don’t mention an axial movement  directly. It may be an experiential corridor which has a linear manner of experiencing but travels in different axises, or it may be an axial design which uses raptures or which divides itself sequentially by branching. Again to emphasize, the meaning of “corridor” changes in an interpretative way, through the purpose according the change in time & experience designed in the Project.

So, this is what we’re expected to handle and design as a most basic explanation.

Thanks for reading, and keep up for the further steps of the project.