Month: October 2014

FIELD: “Analyses of Dikmen Valley Fabric”

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*Fabric: The texture of an urban context, which is structured by patterns of the city plan.


Practices of “FIELD”

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PRACTICES OF DWELLING: “Discovering The Previous Approaches”

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This assignment was a “warm up” step for gathering some information on applications and interpretations of “dwelling” concept. 8 different designs and approaches were given as research topics for this study, buildings or complexes as Siedlung, Casbah_Bidonville, Lake Shore Drive Apartments, Unite D’Habitation, Habitat 67, BIG_The Mountain, Teğet Mimarlık_35. Sokak, TOKI Apartments.

It would take so long if i express every design one by one, but mainly i want to express about 2 special examples; Siedlung and D’Habitation. And i want to take your attention on especially Unite D’Habitation by Le Corbusier.

In the theme of “Unite D’Habitation, as expressed simply by it’s name too, we see a living unit which is enough to give answers to many responses (here response: needs) of people. The “living units” are not defined only one by one but they are indeed designed as a particular whole with markets, comminucation spaces, recreation spaces, library, roof garden and different designed stages for a concept of “Living Unit”. And i think, the main approach should be done as Corbusier did and achieved for the design of this complex structure.

3rd Year 1st Term, “1st URBAN SCALE PROJECT”

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The 5th semester in TEDUARCH has started for me this week, Tuesday (28th September). The concept of the first lesson was the main frame of this semestres course, “ARCH 301: Architectural Design III”.

As the structural program of this year, there seem 3 steps as project basis stages. These steps include the preparation steps (research series named as “Practices of dwelling”), Assignment 1: Field Study, Assignment 2: Program and Assignment 3:Interface, which will define the project basis step by step and make it progress easier.

Today, the first steps of the project (search on practices of dwelling and praparing a field study) are given. The main expectation from the approach is to be able to built a specific critical approach to the concept of “dwelling”.