Month: April 2014

Conceptual 3D Studies on Site

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3D reflections of my last studies on site and strategy.
I am adding both the actual site and the site together with my conceptual volumetric space works.


The House: “Works on Design Strategy”

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After having the strategy as a conceptual decision i worked for their three dimensional relations between two groups (BLUE & TEMPORARIES and BLACK & PURPLE & PINK). I decided to work on them as sketch_sections. Here are those studies.

A Study for Deciding on Space Features: “Spatial Studies”

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These are some studies that I have made for deciding on how many and which kind of spaces i need in the site. Also while deciding on these i worked on general design strategy, too. Spatial extensions and surface boundaries are mainly worked on these studies.

The House: “Works for Deciding on a General Strategy”

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As we all could guess the very first decision for a house design, is having a general strategy which includes both the spaces on house and the site which is given around as a physical context. Here is the gallery for my layered studies (including three different levels as layers) for explaining general studies of my work.

As an edition, my strategy in on a sentence: “A design strategy which makes a subject (BLUE) not to have a physical contact but visual contact with other 3 (BLACK, PURPLE, PINK) subjects in whole site; including spatial vistas as visual and spatial extensions for every private, and some choosen public spaces.”

Here is the sketch_work study for provided spaces by the general strategy as a conceptual work.

ADS3: “Technology”

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Here is the 3rd ADS: ADS#3 that i’ve done for working on my studies. There are several shots for the general because i think it would be better if you know what is included in ads#3 generally, and then “Technology” study as analyses of 10 different hybrid structures.


Pictogrammatic Diagram Study_after prejury

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After I had some critics from prejury I realized that I have to focus on some basic points of the scenario and also i have to decide on a design scenario which would be more valid for the process. In order to have a more proper complex scenario of rules, I refined the scenario of my study and i also refined the pictogrammatic diagram, too. Yo may have a look!


Pictogram_Last Diagram_Seçil

Poster Design for Art & Culture Society

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I just wanted to share with you a poster design of mine which is from an activity we made together with Art and Culture Society of TED University.