Month: March 2014

3D Boundary Search Study

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The study that i’ve made for discovering BOUNDARY_SUBJECT_SPACE relations. İt is in scale of 1/100, every square on the base is 0.5 centimeters. As a human height, 1.80 cm is the considered length.


Pictogrammatic Diagram_Last Study

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The last submission for pictogrammatic diagram studies. I am not giving any explanations by the way, because the study already has an explanation chart on it.



pictogrammatic diagram_1

a3 - 22

2D Boundary Study_Boundary Library

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The study that i’ve made for exploring types and dimensions of possible boundaries on ads.

Pictogrammatic Diagram Study: ‘Subject to Subject’

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Hi Guys!

In this step of the project we finally began to think about the users as ‘abstract’ subjects. More than being subjects of a house and force us to think directly about persons and their nasic daily occupations, our design process is aiming to build ‘thought spaces’ before having them in reality.

As a start we had our diagrams as pictogrammatic time and contact based spatial studies. First, we didn’t had spatial definitions directly. We only made our searches for ‘how long time period for which subject’. Then we searched and studied for ‘which subjects, what kind of a contact’. At this step, we began to define our spaces initially (not spaces but types of spaces, and qualities).

Here is the initial works of ‘pictogrammatic diagram studies of subject to subject contacts’: first one as subject use diagram, and the second as the beginning diagram of contacts ans type of contacts.

We Built The House Guys!

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Ehehe just a joke, a little camera angle trick and some shots. Just for fun, so, have fun. 🙂

Model: Beginning of the Very First Building

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I’m sharing the gallery only, but on the following post i will mention about the project, too. So, keep reading!
The model is not finished yet as you will see on the pictures, but it’s because of the reason that i want to share the progress also.