Month: January 2014

A Nice Day at “KA”_exhibition:” DÜŞ”

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A New & A Unique

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Hi all again! 🙂

I have discovered a new hand-made objects field and Itried some initial works of that thing, it’s just on paper crafting and to be honest it is a really nice one which ables you to have nice, unique paper frames and gifts. here is mine. 😉

Rhino & Grasshopper Modelling/ ARCH 241 Workshop with Gökhan Ongun

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Today in arch 241 course Gökhan Ongun was our guest for modelling and 3D design workshop. The workshop included Rhino and Grashopper programming and basics of 3D modelling. Here are some shots from the workshop.



Gallery of the Final Modal

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The Gallery for both structures and wholistic approach, together with the tophography included stands for presentation.

Presentation Sheet for “CORRIDOR – Time Structured”

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Because I’ve prefered using a 3D presentation with section studies and other 3D studies integrated, I did not have a print out presentation sheet. Also because of loving sketching, I wanted to share with you the sketchy explanations of my final sheet. Because you all are able to read the process, purposes and final project at earlier posts on the blog. That’s why I wanted to share a sketch based version of it. Also by this way, the placement may inspire you for similar purposes of presenting.

Additionally, I’m also adding a human figure for you to have a sense of actual size which is 70cm x 200cm.

*Sketch will be added pm, too. don’t worry 🙂

An Amazing Place, A Precious and Unexpected Discovery

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SSSSssshhh.. 😉

Click, and let’s see & get informed. 🙂


FINAL JURY (with a little critics for me & us : future architects)

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Hi there, I’m here again, to share the comments made for the final project, and the gallery of the final model. First, I want to tell a summarized jury memories of the last one.

Before all, this term’s juries have been a bit critical for me. Because for the first time my days were full like that, and also again for the first time I felt this much pressure for all those things going on. Due date thing has been a terrible issue for me, because of having this much faults at time managing.

To be honest, (critic for be BY ME is coming!) I’ ve never this much failed at time managing. For the whole first two months of the school, I tried to handle this problem but couldn’t manage untill the end; Maybe I couldn’t even in the end. Because I couldn’t prepare some of the presentation materials as I want and at the exact time I want, so this caused a fail of my body. And believe me, you would never want to experience such a thing in front of years long expert architects.

So for the next semester Seçil: “NEVER TRY TO DO A 1 WEEK LONG WORK IN 3 DAYS!”
Ah by the way guys, this critic is not only for me. This is for all of the architects keeping up with this blog.

Okay, this much woman talk is enough. Now let’s have more about the final model and project of mine. It’s on upcoming posts, but before reading the next post about final comments, please read this previous post about the “corridor” approach of mine because I am sure that if you know more about the general approach, the text about critics would also mean more.
with the best.