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Poster Design For 1st Year Final Jury

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Today, we had our final jury as the final step of Architectural Design Course. We were responsible for the whole process to see a programmed design at the and of it. In this project’s case, It was about  continuity of spaces, which is also mentioned as flow of spaces. Also the module based work was a design choice of mine, which were the use of C sectioned elements.

As masses, we were responsible for designing a mass quality in the project, too. And i used 2 different mass qualities first as thickness, second as expression.

As hinges, I used 3 types of hinges, which were separated into 2 different groups as, space definer and not element of space definitions. In that case, I had 2 surface hinges and 1 texture hinge. For more spatial use based hinges, I prefered to work with gaps, which were going larger by 2.5, 5, 7 centimeters.

Here is the poster of the work, presented in final jury.


Introducing 3D Grid: A step into 3D.

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After we refine all the actors we have, we were responsible for 3 different mediums to work on. first was to work on 2D field, which gave us the references of first 3D structure. After we designed all these fields, another step which was about designing a transparent and layered composition, has began. Then after having that structure, with references to our those works, we designed a 3D grid to work in, by zooming in and out. Then that 3D structure became our base, to built a 3D space experiences set.

Here is last to levels of designin in 3D.

3 - abstracted version with less elements, to design in. 1 - aparatus and 3D references 2 - 3D complex


3 days with: M.E.T.U. & I.T.U. & T.E.D.U.

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In recent days, we (TEDU) had a 3 days long program with ITU (Istanbul Technical University) and METU (Middle East Technical University). In whole of the program we had many experiments, and in last day we also had the chance for joining to the jury program of Istanbul Technical University. But all in all, there was a presentation and speech of  Haluk Zelef, who is a proffessor in METU.

The important part about his speech was mainly about architecture in Ankara, with subtitles as What has been changed, the main problems of Ankara’s architectural context, good and bad solutions of those problems till beginning of constructual approaches.

Daily Design

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Steps to have a unique portfolio bag!

1- make a triangular composition

2- cut the ones you want, and make different colour compositions

3- choose one, and make a secondary composition by main reference lines

5- buy nail polish, yes that work, poorly. 🙂

well, you done!

and here is mine. 🙂