Month: March 2013

Poster Design for Ankara Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi

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As our very first business experience, we were expected to design a poster for a symposium in Ankara Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi. These ones were my proposals for the poster, in a chronological order.


In first meeting, we tried to first understand the necessary issues as logos, date, participants, and speakers. They told us these issues were the most important ones which they especially wanted to include in poster. And the “wish” was about the modern and attractive look of this new poster: So, for the 2nd meeting, I designed a poster in reference to the 1st meeting’s discussions.


This time, we all were able to show our poster designs. So here is my poster to take critics in the first discussion.



For the 3rd meeting, we were expected to re-design the posters under the discussions made for refinements and present them again with additions. So, here is the last, and one of the syposium posters they bought.


Re-designing the ACTor, in Reference to Exchanged Section Drawings

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2nd design of ACTor, by explaining new conditions and transformations happened in itself, and giving reasons to new relations on/inside of ACTor.

Actor - Work 2

Sectioning – Beginning to Section Drawing

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Very first assignment for section drawing, after the “sectioning” class. Here are the drawings, Before the exchange for variated 3D designing.

Section – 1

Sectioning Assignment