Month: January 2013


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Once you got bored…



“INK: ALIVE” a new one from my art portfolio.

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ARCH 111 – Final Poster

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After sharing drawings of the Ulus Business Center, here is the Final Poster of 111 course.

Final Poster for ARCH111

ARCH111 Final Drawings: Axonometric & Orthographic Projections of Ulus Business Center

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Last week, we had our final for 111 course. The Project was on Ulus Business Center, and the main idea was understanding the “architectural characteristics” by making researches and analysis on, in architectural mediums we have already learnt untill last week of the course. Here are axonometric and orthographic drawings of Business Center, which have been strong guides for all of us.

An amazing video: The ABC of Architects

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Click on the picture to watch the whole video by redirecting to the original link.

Have fun!

The ABC of Architects

TEDU/ARCH 12-13″ Fall Semester Postals: Student Works

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Our works, are now postals by TEDU/ARCH.

And some taken photographs of them.

-I got bored in the studio again…


Axonometric Projection of “TRIANGLE-archy”

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Here is the axonometric projection of the final work;