Day: December 11, 2012


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This week we’ve been talking about function of a building, it’s program (very basic program idea in their -builder’s- mind, the design idea) and we have been discussing about Ornament & Crime: When the ornament becomes crime, what is the crime level of ornaments and use of ornament. So Loos‘ gave us some ideas about these by help of his essay given to us. We learnt about industrial revolution, englightenment, black smokes on the sky after the revolution, it’s effects on social context and then how it effected the buildings & architecture.

  • But middle of all these function and program things were going on, one painting took my attention and i strongly striked at this one. This is a painting by Caspar David Friedrich “Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog”, 18l8. It gives a special pleasure and a mind bloving things, brain storming about my and world’s past; the most attractive and successfull painting i’ve ever seen with a strong statement on it’s claim through it’s expression. Here it is. Please, don’t look: SEE.

A man thinking about what’s going on in revolution age, what’ll be next without any information about future”

Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog-001


ISOHYPSE HANDS; If you got bored…

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Here is an interesting thing i learned while surfing on internet a few months ago. Nowadays i could find a time to try and i saw that it totally works! It’s so easy to make, just draw your hand and make curves inside of the bounds, use straight lines for outsides. So funny, and has so much variations: just up to you. colour, line differentiation etc.. Here are my and my friend’s works. Have fun, try!

izohips hands - 2 izohips hands


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This week in ARCH 121 course we talked about social context and it’s effects on architecture, the progress of a building, and how does the historical context effect the progress of a building, structure, material; how does the politicial context of a building gives an identification to building. We also learned about Italian futurists, Russian contructivism, Lennin, Hitler, La Turquie Kemalistic / Ankara Construit, Gentrification.

The Most effective parts of the lesson for me were the informations about Ankara Construit, and my favorite building: Guggenheim Museum – Frank Gehry.

  • First I want to show you Ankara Construit magazine. It was a magazine from the industrial and modern improvement age of Turkey Republic. It found to meet people with Ankara, capital of Turkey and it also delivered in Europe to show people there were things going on Turkey in industrial improvement, and the capital, Ankara, was built in a really modern, futuristic manner: Glass buildings, futuristic arts, exhibition halls built with the new materials of age.

Ankara Construit

  • The second thing i want to talk about is the one which gives a pleasure even i introduce you. It’s The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao which designed by famous architect Frank Gehry. The building has a strong importance for it’s historical context, because it is a masterpiece for the use of new materials in that terms. The building includes titanium, glass and steel as base material both used for facades and insides. The look of “arranged chaos” gives building a really unique and modern design. Here is the adress of formal site, and the museum.

Guggenheim Museum - Bilbao