Day: December 10, 2012

Hard Night Before The Pre-Jury

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Before the pre-eliminary day i was in a terrible case because of experiencing the difficulty of dissolving planes and having stability problems, having not a rule or any plan about the work. So i decided to stay at the studio until i finish the model and work on base, it was a hard night.. But the outcome of 13 hours were satisfying for me because altough being ill and having no mother between to take care about you, missing loads the home, i had a base, model and a constructed idea to take a critic on it for final jury. I had 5 models to present the process, and i saw that working hard and having 5 models were not bad thing unlike i thought, because jury is able to see the progress really well when it is a concrete one. Here is a slide show of that night, and also the progress.


07.12.2012: PRE – JURY

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Last Friday we had pre-jury, which was the first jury experience for each of us. We all were feeling terrrible before the jury, but after it we had the jury experience it all was gone. Because it was not like a judgement and critisizing all the bad things of your project. It was like motivating the arch student to reach the final one, and critisizing good/bad things together to make the student aware of what to keep and what to get rid of. Here is a taken shot while our instructors and jury members were critisizing on a work, i want to share it with you to emphasize it’s not a torture like experience, it’s more like a award which is given to you, to share your hard progress and present your work.

  • Instructors of T.E.D.U.-ARCH 2012/2013 1st year class (graduated from and educated at M.E.T.U and Jury members (Practising architect (1), instructor from L.A.U. (1), proffessors of M.E.T.U 4th year class 2012/2013 (2), Assistant Instructor (1)

07122012  prejury